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Since our inception way back in August of 1979, R Squared Custom Audio and Video Systems have been enhancing people's living experience within their homes all over Los Angeles and beyond.

From the state of "Custom" where we create something beautiful with Music and Video, we have the freedom of choosing the right components for the right application for each and every homeowner. The result is something very special that "fits" the client's needs and desires.

From the beginning, we have known home systems integration will get more and more advanced. Many homeowners do not have the time to stay informed on available products and services to purchase, we update all of our clients as well as our architects, contractors, designers, and hopefully, you.

We provide residential Audio / Video Entertainment and Control Systems for new homes being built, as well as the complete range of existing homes, no matter what design style.

Please contact us for a conversation about your needs and set an appointment for the process to begin.

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