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  House Music

Sometimes called "Whole House Music" or "Distributed Audio", this category of Home Entertainment simply means playing music throughout your home. Beyond the Living Room and Family Room, imagine fine music of your choice in the Kitchen while cooking, your Bathroom while getting ready or in the Back Yard with the Family?

The difference today comes with the ability to have complete control of your music in each room. On or off, iPod or XM/Sirius, News station or Weather Report, Pandora or iTunes, etc.

Today, with an infinite list of music services and methods of delivery, we offer you the ability to select and control your favorites quickly. Your Control comes from a wall Panel or wireless remote. Through conversation, and examples we offer you choices of control for each area of your Home. From a Touch Panel on a wall to an easy button Keypad for quick access to great music.

Just some of the features that come with our House Music System:

• Play one Source of music in one room, and a different kind of music elsewhere and so on!  Each member of the family can have their own music playing at the same time, including Outside!

• Push one button to turn on your favorite Music in the room you're in or all over the house, one button! Plus, the entire system can be turned off from anywhere, with one button.

• Individual Room Volume adjustability

• Programmed "Favorites" buttons for any Music Source

• Complete Control of entire system from each Touch Panel.

• Play "House Music" into your High-End Media Room for serious listening.

• Flexibility to bring new music offerings to your system as they evolve.

An entire world of music choices today include:

• iPod and iTunes
• Internet Streaming Services: Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Last FM
• Internet Radio: Independent, on-line Radio Stations
• Component Radio:  AM, FM, XM and Sirius
• CD Player
• Turntable
• Future: what will they play?

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