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  Remote Control

Considered to be the most important component in any system, your Remote Control is your "best friend" that talks to all those other components in the cabinet.

Finally a Reliable, Dependable, Understandable All-in-One Remote Control!
Relax and Enjoy your Entertainment System without the burden of multiple Remote Controls

It's the most important component in every system!

We set up your Remote Control specifically tailored to go with each System. Included on all units are special features like "All On" and "All OFF" at the push of one button. Your "favorite channels" are programmed also.

For advanced systems and even simpler visual control, we use a Color Touch Screen Remote Control; the ultimate in simplicity. For advanced Music Systems and "Home Automation" we offer 2-way information displays for music information from iPod and XM/Sirius as well as feedback for Climate Control, Security/Alarm and Video Camera live images.
Above are the some of the options for Remote Controls we represent to you.

We understand how important the remote has to be; intuitive so anyone can use it and incredibly reliable.

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